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About International Volunteer Day

``Volunteers Build Resilient Communities``

In 1985, the United Nations General Assembly declared that ‘5 December’ of each year shall be observed as the International Volunteer Day to promote volunteer work and benefits worldwide and to increase engagement in volunteer programmes. December 5 is celebrated as International Volunteer Day in 123 countries, including Turkey. Thanks to the UN General Assembly’s proclaiming 2001 as the Year of International Volunteer to further mainstream and promote voluntary services; relevant works and actions have gained more importance and momentum.

To this end, on IVD, a number of diverse activities and celebrations, where knowledge and experience are shared, and voluntary activities are encouraged and appreciated, are held to introduce, promote and mainstream volunteerism, thus, directing individuals to become more responsible, act together and volunteer for the society in which they live.


05 December 2021

13:00-13:20 Opening Talks Secretary of NVC – TEGV – Burak Buçak

Secretary of NVC – SosyalBen Foundation – Sibel Karaduman

Secretary of NVC – ÖSGD – Gizem Ece

Opening Talks

GIZ Turkey Country Director – Rubeena Esmail

UNV Turkey Country Coordinator – Nil Memişoğlu 

Opening Talks

UN Officer in Charge in Turkey – Alvaro Rodriguez

UN Volunteer – Sana Dawari

13:20-13:40 1st Panel – Next Class: Volunteerism İstanbul University – Lecturer – Assoc. Prof. Dr. Murat Şentürk

İstanbul Health Sciences University – Expert Trainer – Ümit Yardım

Bilgi University – Lecturer – Can Ercebe

Education Programs Manager – TEGV – Devrim Uygan  

Yaşar University – Lecturer – Kevser Çimenli

13:40-14:00 2nd Panel – Solidarity for Disasters Actor / Activist – Mert Fırat

Young Climate Activist – Atlas Sarrafoğlu

TEMA FOUNDATION – Dept. General Manager – Ayşe Yapıcı

Yuvam Dünya Association – Chairwoman – Kıvılcım Kocabıyık

Moderator: Needs Map – Founder – Ali Ercan Özgür

14:00-14:05 Presentation: How to become a UN Volunteer? UNV Turkey – Sencer Özden
14:05-14:20 MAGMA & Boğaziçi Jazz Choir Family Founder, Conductor & Artistic Director – Masis Aram Gözbek
14:20-14:40 3rd Panel – From Yesterday to Tomorrow Founder of School of Volunteers, Social Entrepreneur  – Hülya Denizalp 

Child Volunteer of SosyalBen – İpek Murteza 

Borusan Holding, Head of HR and Corporate Communication – Nursel Ölmez Ateş

Moderator: Actor – İlker Ayrık 

14:40-15:00 4th Panel – International Volunteerism Chief Executive Officer of National Network for Civil Society- Dr. Ansgar Klein 

Secretary of NVC – SosyalBen Foundation – Ece Çiftçi

15:00-15:15 Closing UNV Turkey Country Coordinator – Nil Memişoğlu 

GIZ Turkey – Project Leader – Thilo Möller

UGK Sekretaryası – TEGV – Burak Buçak
UGK Sekretaryası – SosyalBen – Sibel Karaduman
UGK Sekretaryası – ÖSGD – Gizem Ece